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Struggling to get results from social media?

I’ll help you build awareness and grow your community, while you focus on what you do best — running your business.

Social media is where your customers are. It’s where people go to discover products, interact with brands and shout about their experiences. 

Show up with fun, informative and educational content and you’ll get attention. Take the time to chat with followers and you’ll build a community of loyal fans. 

Do this consistently, day after day, week after week and these loyal fans become customers or clients and brand advocates who tell others how great you are. 

This is how it should work. 

In reality, for all the benefits of social media, managing it is hard. 


  • It’s hard to find the time

  • It’s hard to find the resources

  • It’s hard to come up with fresh ideas

  • It’s hard to keep up with rapid changes in trends and algorithms

  • It’s hard to juggle multiple accounts while managing an endless list of other tasks

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Do any of these ring true for you? 

These are real challenges I hear from business owners who come to me for help.

The result is existing social channels gathering dust. New opportunities missed. Your fans becoming your competitor’s community. 

It’s why I created this Social Media Management service.

To help you enjoy the benefits of social media and build an active community that gets you: 

More followers

More customers

More leads

It’s not a magic system or downloadable template. I’m no guru or digital ninja. But I do know what works. 


What works is a well-thought-out strategy based on your goals, and content that fits with your audience. 


Each social media package includes: 

The best posting strategies for your chosen platforms

Expertly crafted copy that engages followers

Images and videos that grab attention

Scheduled daily posts that go live when your audience is online

Hashtags that increase the reach of your posts

Replies to comments and direct messages to increase brand interaction

Regular progress reports to analyse and continually improve your strategy

Advice and guidance from a social media expert with 7 years of experience in growing businesses

Everything is tailored to your brand to turn social media into a top marketing channel. All while you focus on areas of your business that you excel in.  

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“Having Harvey help with our social media marketing means I can focus on building relationships with our community and be 100% at our events rather than worrying about having content to share.” 

Kisha Bradley, Bright Box Makerspace

“Harvey was able to add great value to our Social Media themed event through his knowledge and expertise.” 

John Barnes, Santander UK

“I told Harvey the ideas and he came up with the perfect plan and written content too. My engagement has been much higher since using Harvey which has consequently led to more bookings.”

Nelly Naylor, Nelly Naylor Photography

“Harvey Morton Digital has been fantastic for me! He has enabled me to grow my followers and audience through his detailed social media.”

Joe Palmer, Open House Pictures

Image by freestocks

Successful social media marketing is all about relationships. The relationship between you and your followers creates trust and authority, which translates to better awareness and growth. 

But this can only happen if our relationship works. 

If you’re investing in someone to manage your social media, you need to know that person understands your culture, values and ambition. Similarly, I need to know if I’m right for you. 

I only work with businesses that I’m sure I can make a difference to. 

No money or contracts exchange hands until we’ve had a chat and you’re confident this Social Media Management service is what you need. 

Get in touch for a free discovery call

During our chat we discuss: 

Strategies I use to help clients build awareness and get more clients through social media

Your social media goals

How my process can help your business

The insights you need to grow your business

The issues that are likely preventing you from making the most of your social platforms

There’ll be no obligation to use my services. 

Whether you decide to or not, you’ll hopefully end the call with a clear idea of what you need to do next. 


Why Harvey Morton Digital?

Despite being constantly told I look like Harry Potter, I don’t have a magic wand or invisibility cloak. 

But don’t let that put you off. Since 2016, this son of Sheffield:

Become an IPSE Award Winning Digital Consultant

Helped clients including Alton Towers, Santander and Sheffield Hallam University promote their brands

Talked business growth on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and Capital FM 

Written about marketing to global audiences in The Sun, The Mirror, Tyla and Happiful Magazine

Received 5* reviews for my Social Media Management services on TrustPilot and Google

Spoken to thousands of young people across the UK about how to grow a successful business

Get in touch to find out how I can bring this experience to your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this service cost?
    Tailored packages are designed to suit your budget. Prices for full social media management start from £350 per month.
  • Is this for small businesses or larger organisations?
    Both. And every size of business in between. Whether you’re starting out in business or are a household name with a global presence, if you want to get more out of social media, I’ll create a strategy to help.
  • Do you post for me?
    Yes. Social Media Management is a ghost service. I post on your social accounts as your brand, under your handle. And no one will ever know *evil laugh*.
  • How often will you post?
    As often as is needed to engage your audience and keep your business front of mind. The key is consistency. I help you come up with a posting schedule that reaches people interested in products or services like yours when they’re active online.
  • Which platforms do you manage?
    Currently Facebook (Pages and Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These are the main ones for businesses and the channels where I’ve helped brands gain traction. You might use one of these platforms or all of them. During your free discovery call, we’ll discuss which sites best suit your goals.
  • Do you respond to comments and questions?
    Yes. Customer service is a huge part of successful social media management and no one is left hanging. Whether it’s answering a query, liking a comment, joining a conversation or thanking someone for a share, I make sure interactions are positive.
  • Do I have to login and post?
    Not unless you want to. This service is designed for me to take over the running of your social accounts so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • How will I know if your work is making a difference?
    Depending on your goals, you’ll notice the difference in a more consistent presence, more interaction, more messages, more website visits, more phone calls or more leads. We’ll discuss your progress in weekly catch-up calls.
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The secret to getting ahead is getting started

Fill out the form below to book your free 15-minute discovery call and learn how Social Media Management will benefit your business.  

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