Social Media Management

Your social media strategy is the lifeblood of any successful online presence. Customers need to engage with your brand, and your social channels are the ideal place for them to do just that. With a strategic focus and personal approach, my social media management packages provide the help you need, when you need it. 

Social Media Management Sheffield
Social Media Marketing Sheffield | Ideal for Start-Ups

The Indie Package

£500 per month

My indie package is the best choice for clients who have a limited budget but need a premium service on a regular basis. As with each option, I’ll be on hand to help my customers engage with their audience in the most efficient and impactful way. 

Key services within this package will involve advisory action on the best posting strategies and scheduling across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as updating these platforms with new posts five times a week. 

Each post will be expertly crafted to the highest standard, with the right videos and images to get you noticed for all the right reasons. I’ll reply to comments and direct messages, and we’ll discuss progress each week in our catch-up call. 

Social Media Marketing Sheffield | Award Winning Service

The Multiplex Package

£1000 per month

If you’re ready to take your progress with social media that bit further, then the advanced package is for you. Including all that you’d expect from a service of this kind, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to develop a stronger media image and following. 

As part of this package, I’ll form carefully curated posts and schedule them, using the perfect imagery and wording to get your message across in style. I’ll respond to your direct messages and comments, and even craft you a custom blog. I’ll mine Instagram for appropriate hashtags and target them, and even create 3x Instagram Stories every week. 

I’ll even convert your follows and likes into actionable leads, providing you with many more avenues for effective SEO. We can talk about how it’s all going in our weekly catch-up call. 

Social Media Agency Sheffield
Social Media Management Sheffield
Social Media Marketing Sheffield | Bespoke VIP Service

The Drive-In Package

£1500 per month

Brands with ambition need equally ambitious social media strategies. This package is designed to help you maximise on your investment. We will work closely together as I get to know your brand, your existing tone of voice and your target market, before implementing these insights in sparkling socials! 

This deluxe package includes daily posts, helping you surpass all competition. I’ve even included targeted social media advertising, ensuring that your company and your audience connect without fuss or hassle. I’ll respond to messages quickly and efficiently, retaining exacting professional standards. 

You’ll benefit from 21 posts per week, each crafted to perfection. Throughout the process, we’ll remain in close contact, with two weekly catch-up calls to assess progress. The package will also enable three Instagram Stories every week, and continual reputation management and monitoring to ensure we are on the right tracks. I’ll even set up your own dedicated Facebook group, and manage it for you. Through this method, you’ll soon develop a thriving online community.