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Let's put your best you forward

Hello — I’m Harvey, an award-winning digital consultant, writer, podcaster and public speaker. I help businesses solve problems and inspire people to do their best work.

Brands trust me to bring their ideas to life. Media outlets and events organisers use me to educate and motivate audiences on digital marketing, entrepreneurship and well-being so that they can achieve great things.


About Me

At school my nickname was Harry Potter. I wore glasses (still do) and had dark hair (still do), so I fit the profile. But the name wasn’t used in a nice way. I was made fun of for how I spoke too, slowly and with a thick Sheffield accent. 

When slow talking Harry Potter started his second business—Harvey Morton IT Support—aged 15 (my first business was selling key-rings and greeting cards at age 13), I was teased about it. Many thought it was a stupid idea. Maybe it was. But I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as an opportunity to channel my creativity into web design and marketing to help others. 

Public Speaking & Charity

In getting to where I am today I’ve made mistakes. I’ve come up against challenges and failed. I’ve been bullied and laughed at and told to quit. But what’s got me through is learning from where I’ve gone wrong, helped by the support, inspiration and motivation of others who want me to do well. 

Speaking and writing is my way of paying forward what I’ve learned, so business owners, entrepreneurs and young people can avoid the same pitfalls and achieve great things. 

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